This post is a part of a post chain started by a colleague and a friend of mine – Ido Schacham. The purpose is to share our favorite development tools.
The rules are simple:

  1. Copy-paste the rules.
  2. List your favorite tools, libraries, and services for web development.
  3. List obvious ones as well, they may not be obvious to others.
  4. Tag other web dev bloggers and let them know.
  5. Link back to the post that tagged you.

My Favorites

Below are my favorite development tools:

  • H5BP (HTML5 Boilerplate) – An awesome front end base-template, provides the tools to build a web application with modern technologies.
  • Twitter Bootstrap – An amazing set of HTML, CSS and JavaScript for rich UI, easily customizable for your project.
  • Initializr – Allows you to easily create your favorite mixture of H5BP, Bootstrap and some other libraries and services.
  • jQuery – This one is pretty obvious, dramatically simplifies HTML and CSS manipulations, Ajax interactions, events handling, animations, etc.
  • LESS – An extension of CSS, which adds variables, mixins, operators and some more valuable tools. It compiles to normal CSS using a JavaScript compiler.
  • Lithium – My favorite PHP framework, based on PHP 5.3, extensive yet lightweight and well tested.
  • MDN (Mozilla Developer Network) – The best documentation available for web technologies, I mainly use it for JavaScript.
  • Node.js – JavaScript on the server side, extremely fast and scalable, just check it out!
  • R2 – CSS LTR <=> RTL converter written in JavaScript. It actually works!
  • Humans.txt – This isn’t really a development tool, but a nice way to leave your mark on your recent project.


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